Facing My Fear

I have taken awhile to write this post, there are things in here I have never told anyone, there are issues I have to confront, and there are a few things that I try my hardest to avoid, but I think now, at least for a few moments, it is time to stop running. I … More Facing My Fear

Calle Feria

Today my conversation class took a field trip.  We went to El Jueves at Mercado de Feria, this is essentially a large open garage sale that has been held every Thursday morning for centuries.  Literally for hundreds of years vendors have been coming here to lay their trinkets and treasures out on the street for bargaining … More Calle Feria

Getting Lost

So today was actually my first time to get lost in Sevilla… I’m usually really good at paying attention to where I came from and I almost always backtrack that path because then I will always know where I am and I do this until I am comfortable with the area before I start to … More Getting Lost


I happen to love visiting museums, I like to sit in front of less popular paintings and find the reason that it is looked over and to try and understand why it was that the artist still decided to make this piece.  Before coming to Sevilla I had not realized I preferred contemporary art but … More Museums

Lonely Days

Today has most assuredly been a Monday, it droned on and on.  I developed a bit of a cold this weekend and the fact that I could not fall asleep last night did not help.  I spent the day in awkwardness while my roommate and I navigate stressful times in our life and overall I … More Lonely Days

Future Value

When planning anything we research the best fights, hotels, things to do, food, attractions, landmarks, history, and the best prices.  I have spent most of my day over-analyzing and reanalyzing all of the different trips I could take with the remaining weekends of study abroad. But as I sit here and try so desperately to compare … More Future Value


This weekend we also took a trip to Córdoba Spain, Córdoba is known as the city of three religions, for much of history Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived harmoniously in this one city and in many respects Córdoba was viewed as the city of the world and the architecture reflects this history. The bridge of Córdoba built by the … More Córdoba


Today we went to Granada Spain and it was so beautiful. Granada is a beautifully historic city nestled in the bottom of the Sierra Nevada (mountains). We first visited the tomb of Ferdinand and Ysabel, unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures. After that we went to the cathedral. It was so beautiful and … More Granada

Live, Laugh, Dance

Lately all I have been wanting to do is dance, whether that is in a discoteca, down the city street, or in my Sevillanas class.  Well today I got to dance!  My school brings in a local instructor and she works with any of the students who want to learn Sevillanas.  It’s a lot like … More Live, Laugh, Dance