Calle Feria

Today my conversation class took a field trip.  We went to El Jueves at Mercado de Feria, this is essentially a large open garage sale that has been held every Thursday morning for centuries.  Literally for hundreds of years vendors have been coming here to lay their trinkets and treasures out on the street for bargaining customers.  It was really quiet spectacular, I found some adorable material with little dancers on it, and as a class project we all bought one “White Elephant” gift.  It was quiet fun looking for a gift, there were things that would have been funny, pretty, or practical, eventually with about five minutes left I settled for practical and potentially funny.  I bought a tiny purse, and it did turn out to be funny because it was actually the first gift chosen, by one of our male tutors, and he even put it on and posed with it, what a good sport!


The material I bought for a few Euros

Calle Feria is almost always a market in some form or fashion, during the rest of the week there are shops that are open and by the looks of it there is some great food here so I am going to have to go back again soon. especially when I have more time to explore.  There was such an amazing variety of things, there was junk next to antique paintings, random coins next to family heirlooms, artisan work next to old Flamenco dresses, and absolutely everything else in between.  I love street fairs anyway, they have a certain atmosphere of mystery and potential, I really cannot wait to go back sometime soon.


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